Brand Strategy

The heart of an agency does not lie within a set of skills, but within the thinking structure of its people. Tilt's concept development is centered on the ideology of producing maximum results for each one of its clients. To ensure the quality of concepts and execution, we have applied our core principles into the development of each one of our programs.

Our core principles consist of:

• Brand Positioning

The 4 W's: Who, What, Where and Why

• Wow Factor

The element of marketing that literally stops consumers in their tracks

• Extreme Execution

Extending each promotion beyond normal parameter as well as focusing on the critical 90 day cycle

• Borrowed Interest

Leveraging complementary interest to increase appeal and extend reach

• The Money Test

"What would we do if this was our money?"

Tilt's proven marketing strategies and tactics are allowing us to deliver programming that continually exceed expectations and maximizes results.